Pastor Kevin Ramsby | Senior Pastor

In 1990, Kevin Ramsby was considered to be one of the “least likely” individuals to ever come into a saving and life-changing faith in Jesus Christ.  Through the prayers of a youth group, the modeling of authentic Christianity, and a youth pastor (Jeanne Mayo) who saw beyond Kevin’s past and reputation; Kevin surrendered his life to the Lord in Rockford, IL and his life was immediately changed.
Shortly after coming to Christ, Kevin was obedient to follow the Lord’s calling to ministry by attending North Central Bible College.  During a summer internship in East St. Louis, Illinois, Kevin received a burden from the Lord for the lost, hurting, broken, and what many considered to be the “un-reachable people” within the urban cities of America.    After serving in youth ministry for 3 years, Kevin and his wife Sarah moved to Detroit, Michigan in 1997 to work with the thousands of at-risk young people who were caught up in gangs, drugs, and hopelessness in one of the toughest neighborhoods in the city.
Following 7 years of pastoring and overseeing various outreaches throughout the city of Detroit, Kevin and his family were led by the Lord to begin serving Pastor Tim Dilena at Revival Tabernacle Church in 2004 which was located in the heart of Detroit in a city called Highland Park, Michigan.


The Miracle Story…

In the summer of 2009; awakened by the sound of breaking glass, Kevin was home alone when he was confronted by a man who had broken into his home.  During the confrontation a vicious fight ensued that left Kevin stabbed 37 times and left for dead.  Experiencing the depths of hopelessness, completely defeated, and given up on any chance of surviving, Kevin closed his eyes and began waiting for his life to end.  Through a series of circumstances that can only be described as divine interventions, God rescued Kevin that night and has used that traumatic event to restart Kevin’s life.
The miracle of Kevin’s survival story and God’s redeeming power has been shared by numerous media outlets including the television show “I Survived” on the Biography Channel, the 700 Club, and various local broadcasts.  It has been translated into various languages in publications around the world.   The miracle of God’s rescuing and restoring power of a completely broken-life continues today as Kevin shares and communicates how important the church, forgiveness, and “moving past your past” is to experiencing the triumph that comes in Christ even in the face of tragedy.
After nine months of recovery Kevin chose to return to the same ministry in the community where he nearly lost his life.  Shortly after returning, Kevin was chosen by Pastor Tim Dilena and the church leadership to become the Senior Pastor of Revival Tabernacle where he ministers each week with his wife Sarah, and their 2 children, Noah and Caitlin.  Kevin continues to pray for his attacker and through God’s healing power regularly communicates with him as he serves out a lengthy sentence.